Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Beyond the Digital Revolution

Beyond the Digital Revolution: Virtual Collaborations, Virtual Partnerships, Virtual Communities
Monday, May 21, 2007, 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm, Independence Ballroom

If libraries are to serve the next generation of health care professionals, we must serve them in the virtual spaces where they practice, teach, and conduct research. We must develop virtual tools and services which clearly meet their changing information needs and take full advantage of the latest technological innovations. Explore with us the opportunities, successes, and challenges we face as we develop new user-driven virtual information service models, reach out to virtual communities, create innovative virtual partnerships and collaborations, and develop best practices and gold standards for virtual information and knowledge management services.

The NPC invites you to join us as we learn and discuss:
  • How the Basic Sciences Digital Library, a "one-stop shop" for busy researchers at all levels, integrates library resources, institutional links, National Center for Biotechnology Information-Entrez database searching, and an extensive list of Web-based bioinformatics tools (presentation preview);
  • How the challenges faced in converting face-to-face classes to the online environment have been met by librarians using Moodle, an open-source software program for Web-based instruction (presentation preview); and
  • How an in-depth analysis of ILL and document delivery and a study of workflow redesigns in businesses and libraries has made requests available in less than half the time, reduced staff time by over 30%, produced an 85% reduction in average turnaround time, and resulted in a dramatic positive shift in customer satisfaction (presentation preview).
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Jennifer said...

There are now over six million registered users in Second Life. Hope you can join us as we discuss the health information services we're providing there.

Jennifer said...

Our Powerpoint, complete with notes, plus contact information, links, etc., are all available at http://mla2007.pbwiki.com/