Thursday, March 22, 2007

Join Us for the Great Space Debate!

On Sunday afternoon, the 20th of May, the NPC 2007 will sponsor the great space debate between 4:30 pm and 6:00 pm. The proposition is: "Be it resolved: As Libraries Evolve to Electronic Access, Their Need for Physical Space Decreases".

Many of us have heard this already -- or fear hearing it -- from our administrators or rivals in our corporate or academic organizations. Everybody is looking to take over our territory because they have heard that: "It's all on the Internet (oh, and by the way, it's free)!" So, we have choices; we can prepare to lose space, or we can defend our need for and use of the space we have. This debate will allow you to hear the arguments on both sides of this timely and important question. Sit and listen, or bring your own perspective on the questions to be raised and make a contribution to the battle!

Some of MLA's best-known and most feisty debaters will square off against each other in this challenge. Rick Forsman and Wayne Peay will face each other in the main bout, while M.J. Tooey and Jane Bridges will ensure that the perspectives of academic and hospital librarians, in particular, are heard. Laurie Thompson will blow the whistle (as moderator), clock the participants, encourage audience participation and conduct a final vote to determine a winner.

If you'd like to get started early, you can post your arguments here, ask questions about the format, or establish your support for the "yeas" or "nays" in advance of the debate just in case you can't attend. This event is sure to be rowdy, raucous and a real crowd-pleaser; plan now to be there!

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pdeane1 said...

No. Space is needed for more computers and social interaction in library as well as the old space for journals and books. Libraries are being transformed into social centers by the Internet.

Now that Starbucks is charging for wifi hookup, demand at libraries will grow even faster.